Simpsonize me!

During the hit days of Simpsons the Movie, I stumbled upon an interesting site, which is Simpsonize Me. As what the title suggest, it lets you to upload your own picture and it will transform the real you into Simpson! I think it was a fun stuff to play with :D.

You can upload your own portrait pictures and then, select some options of about yourself like your genre, age, what kind of hair you want, color skin etc. After that, it will process the options that you had selected then, with just a click of a button, tada! You had successfully transform your portrait to Simpson style!

Actually I Simpsonize myself too, and this is how I look:

Hello everyone! Greetings from Jayhan…. As you can see, I’m quite of a normal looking person hahaha…. To be honest, I LOL’ed when I saw my Simpsonize version, it does actually resembles myself! Kudos to the team who did this, you rocks!

Please remember to try yourself too, save your Simpsonize and send it through mail or as IM avatar, cool.

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