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This is the site that inspires me to write this post. Introducing OpenSourceFood. It’s about food sharing and rating community site. When I entered website, immediately attracted by the cleanliness, user friendly layout and.. the LOGO! The logo is a sliced boiled egg, constructed by just using two round shape, one yellow on top and a bigger white circle at back. Plus supported by the text “Open Source Food” at the side. I think the font used is “Myriad Pro”. Well, if you have some nice food to share or lack of cooking idea, be sure checking out this page!

Besides that, I gathered some sites that serves similar function which has a quite nice logo too. Be sure to continue reading!


Snacksby’s website is very clean, by using a large amount of white space. Similar function as OpenSourceFood, but it more focusing on healthier, greener food. The logo is very refreshing too, by using a large, thin sans serif font, and a cute onion graphic to replace the “A”. The logo is standing out because it is big and prominent. The site is really neat and user-friendly, really like the design. As what the title says “Snacksby is a really neat recipe site. For serious!


Still in beta mode, this recipe sharing community site uses green as the foundation of design. A little more complex than Snacksby, it uses Ajax for better site loading experience. However the logo is more simpler. Just using a pair of knife and fork, with text “GroupRecipes” siiting next to it. Logo is straight forward, knife and fork is the best couple on table, but I think the font and be more sensual and delicious thou.. instead of using Century Gothic.. well the site is still in Beta, maybe a nicer logo in future.


Sushiday is a site that sharing out recipes related to… Sushi! Yeah, pretty obvious huh? The webmaster (pretty!) shares out new ways of making sushi every week, be sure to check out this page often, or RSS it. I personally like this site’s logo, very suitable and nice. Using an elegant, young feel of typeface for “SushiDay” word, what makes it so interesting is a sushi is inserted under the counter of “D”, and the sushi is cutely crafted. A fade out chopstick to support the logo too. Well done!


The final site I would like to introduce is Cork’d. Unlike others, Cork’d is a site to share out the reviews of wines among community. Almost has the same color scheme as SushiDay, the site suggests a very tasty, elegant wine drinking experience. The logo is worth mentioning too. The logo reminds me of Haveamint‘s logo (the leaf) too. Using a wineglass with half full stirring wines inside as graphic, and the bold, a little playful font face for the word “Cork’d”. Overall the logo is cute and nicely presented, and well suited to the site’s look and feel. Well, I’m not a wine drinker but certainly I like the logo very much!

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