GReeeeN – Ai Uta

I first heard this song over Animax’s Music Station last week, so I give myself a try to listen to it, and I think it is a nice song! GReeeeN (Hide, navi, 92 and Soh) is a four member Japanese group from Koriyama city in the Fukushima prefecture. They made their debut with Universal Music in 2007. Currently they are the medical students in University which intended to become a dentist. Due to this, they did not show their faces during group activities.

GReeeeN’s debut song “Michi”, the lyric is simple and meaningful, plus the strong melody captured many hearts of youngsters. They are very good in writing the truth to your love one’s heart kind of lyric, accompanied by beautiful melody which makes their songs a truly great one. Everyone that heard GReeeeN’s song will start to think of their love ones, automatically.

A song of confession

While this song “Ai Uta”, is a song that supports you to go confess to the girl you like. In the limited edition, there is a “Special Gift Package” which the CD jacket acted as love letter, together with a pen and envelope. With this, a person can write the message on the letter and give it to the person he or she wants to. Then they can listen this “Ai Uta” together and shares the moment. How romantic wasn’t it? The PV of this song is very touching too!! Besides that, this song once gets 2nd spot in Oricon Single Ranking and now still in the chart. Plus this song been downloaded 1,800,000 times. SUGOI!

GReeeeN logo

Actually not just the song is nice, their logo is nice too. Because they study dental course, this reflected in the logo too. The “greeeen” word resembles the teeth, I think the four “e” means the 4 members, together with a shiny star. Cool. Read more to listen to the song with lyric.

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Tokito Saburo – Kimi no Kaeru Basho

I would like to recommend this song to all of you. This song is sang by Tokito Saburo with just acoustic guitar as music. Firstly, I heard this song from drama “Hanayome to Papa“. This song is very warm hearted, expressing the love of a father to his lovely daughter. I feel comfortable while listening to it. Some part of song was duet with his daughter, which make this song even touching.

Hanayome to Papa is talking about relationship of father and daughter. The father was very strict to her daughter by setting some rules like “Cannot stay overnight outside house”, “Must reach home before 7” etc. The daughter felt her father was very “UZAI” and want to stay away from father’s hand. But in the end, is the father who help her all the way. No matter what happen, is parents who love their kid the most.

Read more to listen the song (via imeem) and the lyric. Enjoy! šŸ˜€
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ERIKA – “FREE” Single Lyrics

Yesterday, Sawajiri Erika just debuted with the name ERIKA with the maxi single FREE. I already listened to the song and watched PV of FREE & FANTASY too. I would say FREE is just so so only, but FANTASY is quite good. Even I think Time to go home is a nice piece too. Wow, I just checked the Oricon chart, this single is topping the daily single ranking for two days in row! That’s pretty encouraging!

This single gets no.1 spot in the first week of release despite just selling for a mere 50,287 copies. She already had a no.1 single previously when she released “Taiyou no Uta” under Kaoru Amane. She became only the second solo female artist in Oricon’s ranking history to achieve #1 with her first two singles!

Read more for the lyrics of the 3 songs & listen to it.

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Nodame Cantabile – “Onara Taisou” Lyric

Anyone who watch Nodame Cantabile the J-drama should know this cute song haha :D!! Noda Megumi (act by Ueno Juri) or Nodame, who dream of becoming a kindergarten music teacher, wrote this song. Onara Taisou means “The Fart Exercise” in English. The song comes with exercise too! I still remember where there is a scene in the drama, where Nodame plays the onara taisou music piece and her teacher is exercising the move, hahaha, that was hilarious!

Because the song is so cute, and many people requested to release as single, and Ueno Juri sings the song. There are a total of 5 songs in the single. There is one song in it I quite curious about. The song name is called “Koi no G Cup”. What does the G Cup related to!? Funny. Click on title to get the lyric of the song. Credits to Random Flowers.

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Kousuke Atari – “Hana” Lyric

I first heard this song in the Music Station that aired in Friday on Animax Channel. They introduced a newcomer named Kousuke Atari. Absolutely no relationship with ATARI the game developer, he has quite a great looking face, but his appearance is a little simple, so I think he is not sing those pop songs. But when he perform his song, I was “pikkuri shimashita”. He sang like Hajime Chitose’s type of style and the song “Hana”, is very nice! Immediately I go find his biography and background.

Now I know, actually when he was young, he is a fan of Hajime Chitose. Having influenced by her, he starts to teach himself to sing in shima-uta style. The song “Hana” is very nice to listen, definitely a song worth listen, if you like Japan folk songs with a modern fusion, something like Natsukawa Rimi’s modern Okinawa style. And I want to share the lyrics with you guys too.

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YUI – My Generation Lyric

Today, YUI releases her latest maxi single My Generation/Understand. Actually, back in few days earlier, I already listened to this song from the PV that aired in May. The single is a rocker, I fall in love with this song and keep on looping in my media player. I like it because the song is like a expression of the youth.. actually I really dunno the lyrics but from the rock music and a little assist from the PV, I can feel that. And this song actually is the theme song for current airing drama Seito Shokun!

About the B-side of the song “Understand”, is more down paced. The single also includes the acoustic version of CH.E.R.RY. Has to thanks ch.e.r.ry because it was this song that intro me to YUI since March or April. Now, YUI is one of my favourite singer and you can see that in my profile. Click this link to grab My Generation lyrics (Understand included too).

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