Say Hey to Hey! Say! 7

Bokura wa heisei ONLY! Showa De SHOW wa muri,
Acchi mo kocchi mo ii ne! HEY-SAY wa ii ne!

This is how is the song lyric begins in Hey! Say! 7’s first single “Hey!Say!”. They are the latest Johnny’s Junior group which consists of five members. They were called Hey! Say! 7 because all the members are born in the Heisei era and that the year of their formation was 2007. The smallest is 13 and the eldest is 17 this year.

I still remember when I watch Music Station on Animax last week, Hey! Say! 7 was one of the performing artists and they were supported by their senior Kamenashi Kazuya. He was noticed about the youngness of this group, and he was keep saying that “I’m from Showa era”.

But what is this Heisei and Showa mean?

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The Brilliant Green – Stand By Me

In my early age of Jpop chasing, I hardly listen to The Brilliant Green‘s songs, maybe because they are in hiatus period. The only song I ever heard is Hello Another Way only. But recently when I watched J-drama “Tantei Gakuen Q” the credit part there… the familiar voice comes in. In such a short time I can’t remember who’s voice is this but I saw the running credit there written “The Brilliant Green – Stand by me”, I was so shock!

The Brilliant Green (or BuriGuri as short) has ended their hiatus by singing the Ending Theme for Tantei Gakuen Q, their 15th single but is the first since 2002, which released on the 22rd of August. I’m not a big fan of TBG but I want to say that this song is nice! I just love the voice of the lead singer Tomoko. Actually I listen to many Tomoko’s solo project: Tommy February6 and Heavenly6‘s songs, and they were good. šŸ˜€

According to thePPN, BuriGuri will release their best album somewhere near in the future, definitely will looking forward to it. Please read on to get to listen to the song as well as the lyrics and for the first time, translation from me! It is a very hard job for me because I’m not pro in Nihongo, and I use several online translation tools to get it done. It is not 100% accurately converting the lyrics but I think is almost there, hope you like it thanks! Yoroshiku!

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JYONGRI – Lullaby For You

Sometimes I think that Korean are singing really well in Japanese. This song further supports my thought. Introducing “Lullaby For You”, the single by JYONGRI, which released back in July 25. She had Korean ancestry but born in Osaka, Japan. Maybe because of this, no wonder I found that her singing style is close to Korean style Japanese song, every single lyric is clear and full of emotion.

Lullaby For You is JYONGRI’s third single. Lullaby For You was used as the Square Enix game Subarashiki Kono Sekai’s theme song. Lullaby For You is a very nice, gentle, and soft R&B song. It is quite romantic song I would say. You will feel very comfortable when listen to this song, although it won’t make you sleep :).

Actually, i know JYONGRI before this song, I think is her second single when she performed in Music Station (again!). What is catching my eye is that when she performed, the keyboard she played is front slanted! Wow, that’s flashy in my opinion. ThePPN also mentioned that one of her signatures as a musician is to have a forward tilting keyboard in her performances.

BeyondTheSea had posted up a nice review for it. Please continue reading to get to listen to Jyongri “Lullaby For You” as well as lyric & translation :D! Continue reading

YUKI – Hoshikuzu Sunset

Today I want to introduce you a relaxing song “Hoshikuzu Sunset” sang by former Judy and Mary member YUKI. According to thePPN, Hoshikuzu Sunset is the fifteenth single released by YUKI. It is her first CD release in over a year, and her first time working with composer mugen. The first press edition of the single came with a sticker. There hasn’t been a music video released for Hoshikuzu Sunset.

Hoshikuzu Sunset was used as the theme song to the TBS dorama Papa to Musume no Nanoka-kan. I watched this drama too and I like it very much :-D. Besides the kawaii Yui Aragaki (ę–°åž£ēµč”£), but acting by the both father and daughter is great! This drama is about father and daughter exchanging body after the train accident. The father acted by Tachi Hiroshi (čˆ˜ć²ć‚ć—) from a manly man, suddenly becomes very girly and emotional and type Text Messaging at hyper speed! While Yui become a boyish girl. Their attitude totally exchanged! Greats!! Continue reading to listen to the song as well as lyric, as always.

Jayhan rating:

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Tips to get your favorite jpop lyrics

My lyrics post actually get quite a lot of clicks over the net, and some of it at the first page of google search. I feel very happy about this because I can help people to find the song lyrics they like as well as promoting the goodness of Japanese songs.

I received some request to help find the lyrics. I would like to help but I have not enough time to do it (And somehow I can’t cover all Japanese songs :P). So, I write out this post to help you to get your favorite jpop lyrics.

Method 1: Jpop lyric sites (romaji)

I googling around with the keyword “jpop lyrics” but most of them is too outdated, unless you want to search for older songs. JpopLyricsStation is quite a good site to find older songs’ lyric, both romaji and kanji. I still remember back in the days I bookmarked this page and now it’s still there!

1. CherryBlossom Garden – Consider this is a new-age Jpop lyric website. Best in town and covers a lot of artists and songs. Sadly it just updated to March only. Upload more lyrics, tanomu!

2. Mognet – Another great source for jpop lyric. What so good about this site is it provides kanji, romaji and translation of the lyrics posted. Their lyrics database is expanding. Great job buddy! (4 Oct 07 added)

3. CoriChan – This is another good site, pretty up to date.

Honorable mentioned: RandomFlowers

Method 2: Ask uncle Google!

Yes, Google is the fastest and easiest way to get your favorite jpop lyrics. For example you search the song and stumbled upon my site :). There’s so so many other sites that provide the same too. If is popular artists like Ayumi or Otsuka Ai etc, you can find their lyrics easily, especially on their fan created forum, sure will have the latest lyrics and maybe with translation as well. For example, AyumiHamasakiSekai and Channel Ai.

Method 3: Search by using Japanese

Sometimes, search by English will not giving the desired result, so you need to use Japanese instead. But by searching the title and artists is not enough, you need to add some other keywords like: ä½œč©ž (lyricist), ä½œę›² (music),or ę­Œč©ž (lyric). By this it will speed up your lyric finding process. and today I found a great site of Japanese lyrics database which is: Very up to date and most important, the lyrics are selectable (Many other sites are embed the lyric inside flash, sigh). I think I’m gonna rely on this site a lot.

But, if you don’t know Japanese, and don’t type Japanese what to do? Maybe you can use websites like, Oricon, or even thePPN to get the Japanese keywords you want.

Tutorial 1: Translating Japanese to Romaji

I would like to share with you how I get the romaji lyrics. The trick is through this site: Kanji Converter. You think how I get the lyrics for GReeeeN’s album? I’m not Nihongo expert and thanks to this site, for turning impossible to possible.

Because it is a converter, so it won’t give you 100% accurate conversion. So I suggest is after converting to romaji, running through the song again together with the lyric and edit the wrong part. Then you will have a more precise lyric.

Tutorial 2: Storing lyrics

I’m assuming you have the mp3 for the song. Now mp3 has quite advance ID3 tag, which will store the songs info and even lyric. Or, you also can use iTunes or WMP to store the lyric into the mp3 which is much easier.

Well, that’s about it. I giving all the tips to you guys already, and I hope you find this guide useful and find your favorite Jpop song’s lyric with ease next time! šŸ˜€ Be sure to bookmark this page (list of social bookmarks below) for future reference and I might update this post with more tips in future! šŸ˜€

P.S: If you have other great suggestion, feel free to leave your suggestion below!

GReeeeN – Aa, domo. Hajimemashite.

Since when my site become Jpop lyric site? Nevermind, but actually I checked my site analysis, a lot of clicks is through the searching of Japan lyrics. Thanks for the support and this time I want to introduce you GReeeeN’s first full album “Aa, domo. Hajimemashite” (ć‚ć£ć€ć©ć‚‚ć€‚ćÆć˜ć‚ć¾ć—ć¦ć€‚). It is a very nice album! A must listen album for 2007.

The songs in this album that I prefer is: Michi, Ai Uta, Midori, and Tegami ~kimitachi e~. I had been search through this albums lyric but I only found the Hiragana version. Now I convert it into romaji and please have a look! Through the translation and my little knowledge on Nihongo, I found out that their songs are very meaningful and touching. All the album’s songs were written by them. Honto ni sugoi desu ne!

Album Detail

Released: 27.June.2007


  1. Michi (道; Road)
  2. Day by Day
  3. Ai Uta (ę„›å”„; Love Song)
  4. HIGH G.K. LOW ~Hajikero~ (ļ½žćƒć‚øć‚±ćƒ­ļ½ž)
  6. Koinu (子ēŠ¬; Puppy)
  8. Tegami (ꉋē“™; Letter)
  9. Party People (惑ćƒŖ惔惝)
  10. Reggae Reggae (ćƒ¬ć‚²ćƒ¬ć‚²)
  11. Midori (惟惉ćƒŖ; Green)

Actually I’m using translation site to translate it to romaji. And after the translation, I listen to the song and follow the lyric to make sure the lyrics is correct or not. Some songs in there is very fast paced, and only can say is the lyrics provided here is 95% accurate. Read on to listen to the song as well as lyric!

Click on song title to expand/hide lyric.

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It’s summer, it’s happy and relaxing holiday season so Otsuka Ai brings you a single that full of summer happy delight called “PEACH/HEART”. This single was just released on the 25th of July. “PEACH” is the theme song of the current airing hit drama “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e” starring Oguri Shun, Maki Horikita and Ikuma Toma. I just checked the Oricon single daily chart, this single was topping the chart for 4 days in a row, I think it will become no.1 in the weekly chart too.

“PEACH” is happy song like Sakuranbo or SMILY, while “HEART” is slow soft song. Both of the songs are not bad actually, but I prefer HEART more, because Ai-chan can perform better when singing slow song. This single comes with 4 different covers, two covers for CD and DVD version each. If you look at it carefully, the covers are join able, demonstrated below. And the icon for “PEACH” and “HEART” is kinda interesting too, it is the same image but one is upside down.

Read on to get to listen to both songs as well as lyrics! For more single review, check Ikimasshoi+.

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JUNE – You and Me

Today, I want to introduce a nice ballad called “You and Me” by JUNE. This love ballad illustrates the feeling of JUNE’s unrequited love of his first love, which now he is still can’t forget about it. With this memory, he wrote out this song with his truth feeling.

Actually, i know this song through PV, because my favorite idol Kaho was in it. In the PV, Kaho acted as a girlfriend, who can’t speak and hear, of a boy who loves to sing with his guitar. They fall in love and have happy moment together but the boy wants to pursue his singing dream and he had no choice but leave the girl. He was uncertainty for a moment “should i just be with her…or chase my dream?”

Finally they arrived at the train platform. The boy step into the train, and the door closed. Through the window glass, the girl said “Ganbatte….Mata aimashou?” (Please work hard and we shall meet again?). Finally the train leave… In the train, the boy found his guitar plectrum in his pocket and there is message leave by the girl. It says “I can hear you” which led the boys into tears. Awwww, the song is very sad and beautiful.

JUNE and co.

This is JUNE’s 3rd single, which released on the July 11th. JUNE is a Korean and he is just 20 years old! Since small he was influenced by music genre’s like RnB and soul, which developed him into this kind of emotional singing style. Well Korean are famous of their real and outstanding love song singing style, no wonder my sister also said that very Korea feel when first time heard.

For me this is the third person I knew that a male solo Korean sings Japanese song since K (who sings “Only Human”, theme song for 1 litre of tears) and RUI (“Sayonara3”, Rondo theme song). All of them sings very well and I definitely like this song. To know him more, log on to his official site or ThePPN. Read more to get to listen to the song as well as lyric! Continue reading

Stephanie – Kimi ga Iru Kagiri

Again, thanks Music Station for intro me this new artists. Selected as one of the MSute’s Young Guns, Stephanie (ć‚¹ćƒ†ćƒ•ć‚”ćƒ‹ćƒ¼) was debuted in May 28, 2007 with the debut maxi “Kimi ga Iru Kagiri”, while this song was an ending theme of an anime “Kiss Dum“. What makes her so unique that she actually can sing in 5 octaves! SUGOI!

5 octaves singing ability

In Stephanie’s official website, they call her “The one and only super high tone voice in the world diva” (äø–ē•Œć«ćŸć£ćŸļ¼‘ć¤ć®ę­Œå£°ć‚¹ćƒ¼ćƒ‘ćƒ¼ć‚ÆćƒŖć‚¢ćƒć‚¤ćƒˆćƒ¼ćƒ³ćƒœć‚¤ć‚¹ć®ę­Œå§«). From the interview in Music Station, she said that in the beginning, she was not satisfy about her voice so she decided to go for voice practices and now, she can sing in 5 octaves. Her voice and go sky up high! Really!

Because this is her selling point, so she had to present it in her debut song. So in the beginning of the song featuring her super high tone voice, well it actually captures my attention. And the song also has a lot of high notes which is a piece of cake for her. I can feel this is a song of courage, it tells you to never give up and always challenge your limit. Although the song is amazing, but still some part I felt is overpowered by her ability because somehow the song is a bit less emotional. Maybe due to her young age (only 19!), she have to learn to use her ability at its best.

So, this is the new artist that you should watch! She will be releasing new single in following month, so stay tuned! Below are the song sample and lyric. Please enjoy.

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Ayumi Hamasaki – Glitter/Fated

4 days later, Ayumi Hamasaki is going to release her first single in 2007 – Glitter/Fated. It’s been a year since her last single and I am very looking forward on this. I already listened to this song a month ago and I think it is very nice! I think is one of her best work in few these years after some “experimental” attempts. This was like the old time Ayumi style which I like it a lot! Glitter is very up tempo while Fated is emotional ballad. But this is not all. What makes me want to buy this single is the PV of Glitter and Fated.

Distance Love – a short film

Instead of conventional music video footage, Glitter and Fated is actually shot in a short film sequel. The film was taken in Hong Kong, and a HK star Shawn Yue (ä½™ę–‡ä¹) was also in the video too. The setting is Ayumi comes to HK to promote her single while Shawn Yue as the charming bodyguard.

Shawn helps Ayumi escaped from dangerous situations several times and she falls in love with him. Shawn loves her too, but he knows that this love is not gonna comes true. In the final scene, Ayumi is wearing a wedding dress and run to their destination but unfortunately Shawn was caught in accident and rushed to hospital. Ayumi starts to cry……

This is not the first time Ayumi did something like this. Remember Vovage? It also has a 40 min short film called “Tsuki ni Shizumu“. The story taken in ancient Japan, and is about love between girl (acted by Ayumi) who will be sacrificed to the moon and a warrior. Finally they did not get together, similar to glitter/fated. I bought the video too, hahaha, rare one! These kind of PV makes me like Ayumi even more! šŸ˜€

Otanoshi mi desu ne! From her official website, it says that “Distance Love” will be aired exclusively via World Wide Web on the 26th of July. Be sure checking the film and watch this place as I will put up the lyrics. Thanks!

Update: Lyrics added. And recently a shocking news that everyone should already knew that Ayumi was decided to ended up the 7 year couple relationship with Tomoya Nagase. She said that they already became brother-sister relationship rather than lover. Best wishes for her and good luck in the future! We will support ya, Ayumi! Ganbatte!

Further reading: Wikipedia | Ikimasshoi+

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