ArtzMania Super Web 2.0 and Blog addict meter

To all web 2.0 lovers out there, great news that Artzmania released an e-book about collection of web 2.0 graphics and innovation, free for download at here. I already download and gone through the book, it shows some nice web design showcase, separated in different categories.

Plus at the back, showcasing web 2.0 logos, some useful articles that posted on the net. But sadly, these articles is not linked to the original post. A sat back here. It is not really a comprehensive book about web 2.0 (because most of them I knew already) but it worth to take a look. Nice cover thou.

How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

71%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Originally known this through Etsuko‘s blog, and I curious to test how addicted I am too. After gone through the 14 questions, I got the result that I’m 71% addicted, hahahaha. Yeah, I’m pretty addicted to blogging somehow :-D.

If you are a blogger, please try this too, it is fun mot to mention to nicely designed layout and easy to use navigation. Great! If you tried, don’t forget to post it here or spread this site in your blog hehe.

Hirano Aya 1st Photobook “H Stairway to 20”

Last week, voice actor Hirano Aya released her first photobook called “H Stairway to 20”! I just look through the photobook and I think this photobook is somehow unique and very stands out. The photo shoots are brilliant, together with nicely set up settings, colorful elements, great make ups and most important the cutie Hirano Aya herself.

From wikipedia quote, Hirano Aya (平野 綾), born October 8, 1987 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, is a voice actor (seiyū) and singer who has had roles in several anime, visual novel series and TV commercials in Japan. She is best known for voicing over Haruhi Suzumiya as well as others. She received several recognition and awards too. Although I did not watch the anime, but I listened to her song “Breakthrough”, she has a great voice :D.

I first know her through igorism this website. He posted up her camwhoreism and wow, I instant like this girl already. I also do some picture research on her, and I found out that her appearance now is changing, from the pure and cute look, now she is more sexy and wild! Picture down there for proof. Girl’s look are quick changing huh?

Below are some of the previews and download. I would say this photobook is worth a look! Great photos with rich content that will make your day. Continue reading

3 Ultra High Res Transformers Pix.. & more!

Hi everyone, here are the 3 ultra high resolution of 3 transformers model rendering – Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee and Megatron, thanks to a friend of mine who provide the source. Those three pictures are really high res, at least 4500px, so might make your computer slow while viewing it.

Yesterday, I watched the movie too. I think the movie is not well made… too much parody’s from other movies like Independence Day, Armageddon, Matrix… and even the chasing scene in front looks like trailer footage of “Need For Speed Most Wanted”. There is just a little adrenaline rush in this movie, the special effects scene was too short and in the end there, the robot fight scene is total chaos. I give it a B-.

Not to say disappointed but it can be better. I think this story was like celebration of web technology. Ebay, Youtube-like scenes, Witwicky (heard like Wikipedia) and the Optimus Prime said “We learnt this over the World Wide Web”. Haha. But, the art of transformers are wicked!

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Hot wallpaper for download!

Yo Peeps, last week I found this hippie yet sexy wallpaper to share with you! Very sexy, healthy and seductive huh, what do you think? Sadly resolution just have 1024*768 only. Wanted to know who is this hawt girl? Well, her name is Juliana, a Brazilian and Japanese mix. Check out her blog here. Sorry, nihongo only. Credits to MILK magazine vol. 300. I like this magazine very much.

Click here to download the wallpaper!

Lotte Ghana – Mother’s Day campaign wallpaper download

I get to know this campaign on the ad in a Japan magazine call “TVnavi”. After I saw this, immediately rush to my desktop and start to look for more, and they have a special website for this as well as free wallpaper for download. I quickly grab all the wallies and keep it. Now the campaign is over and the wallpaper is gone. Phew luckily i grabbed all, but just 1280×1024 size. This campaign consists of seven current popular female idols, for example Nagasawa Masami, Yuko Ogura, Kaho, Aya Ueto, Maki Horikita etc.

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