Code4Startup – Learn to code by cloning real startup projects


From time to time you will be hearing advices that if a person wants to be good, first he/she needs to imitate, copy or learn from other good examples. Yup, this is actually a very practical example. You need to learn from others in order to discover and establish your own creation.

This applies to the world of coding too. And recently, I stumbled upon this learning website Code4Startup from Product Hunt that you can learn to code with front-end and back-end technologies by cloning popular real life startup projects.

The website is still fairly in early stages, right now there are two courses that you can join for free(!), one is create a responsive landing page with Bootstrap and hook it up with Mailchimp, while another one is cloning TaskRabbit with AngularJS and Firebase.

I like this learning idea by cloning real life startup projects because you are learning while actually building something usable. Besides that not only just about coding but also the technologies that are needed to make it work. In the future they will release courses on cloning other web services like AirBnB and Fiverr. Very exciting where you can learn to code and also having it functional as well. Very good stepping up learning resources for designers and front-end developers who want to expand the horizon.

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