Some websites and blogs I started to follow recently

Some websites and blogs I started to follow recently

I believe as a modern designer, be it graphic, web or hybrid, need to get inspired by great designs from time to time, in order to keep themselves resourceful and fuelled with fresh ideas. There are a lot of good sites out there to serve these purposes but today, I’m going to introduce a couple more websites that you can get not only inspiration, but thoughts and personal development as well.

Well, as a designer with several years of experience, I do feel that when you are into the design industry for couple of years, and sometimes you just want to take a step back and look at the design at a different perspective. One good way to spark this is to actually read what other people think of certain thing.

Fast Company Design

Fast Company’s Design has a great collections of articles of insights and also visual inspirations ranging from product to architecture designs.

Fast Company Design

Explore Create Repeat

Explore, Create, Repeat is an online magazine for the creative community published weekly by 4ormat providing insights and inspirations. In here you will find articles related to creative industry and also interviews of designers.

The Dsgn Blog

You can find tonnes of design inspiration in this blog with a focus on the branding, packaging, print and graphic design.’s Blog

The’s blog also has a cool collection of posts that will keep you inspired.


Medium is a weblog that I visited frequently recently. The quality of the articles are top notch and I love reading the one related to the life reflection of the writer. It also covers wide range of other topics, be sure to check out the Collections to find your favourite topic.


Created by designer + entrepreneur Sacha Greif, Sidebar is a list of the 5 best design links of the day. But unlike a regular linkblog, it’s collaborative and manually curated by a couple great editors. You can subscribe to it and the top 5 links will be sent to your email daily.

LayerVault’s Designer News

Designer News is also a great place to find latest design links that you might find interesting. Besides that, you can also participate by chipping in your two cents in the Ask DN topic. Tutorials is a fairly new website, but already has a good collection of good articles. I like the Tutorials section in this blog where I can acquire new skills from there.

Web Design Weekly

Web Design Weekly is also similar to Sidebar but in weekly basis. Subscribe to them and you will get weekly design news that matters.

Hey Designer

I stumbled upon Hey Designer recently become their regular visitor. Hey Designer is a link discovery site that brings you articles and resources for web designers and developers, not just from the mainstream.

Basically above are the sites that I wanted to introduce today. Looks like there are a lot of them, but the sites that I really keep visiting for couple of times a week is Medium, and Designer News, while others I will check when I’m free. Please use the comment form below by telling me what kind of site that you found and visiting regularly.

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