Beautiful free fonts by Yosuke Masaki

Beautiful free fonts by Yosuke Masaki

Today I stumbled upon these three beautiful fonts, created by Yosuke Masaki, a young font designer, illustrator and web designer from Osaka Japan. These fonts are high quality and with very strong art sense. You can actually download the fonts for free and can be used in both personal and commercial projects!

Please continue to read to find out these three fonts!


Quote font is a milky, rounded tall fonts that somehow has the characteristics of the popular font “Blur” by Neville Brody. It’s a very nice font if using as poster type.

Quote font


As the font name suggest, this font was inspired by the character formed by folding the long and thin paper. This font is perfect to use for artsy design stuff like labels or logos and more. Plus it comes with four different styles, it’s going to be fun when using this font.

Paperwork font


Rainfall is a strong geometrical style font that comes with a solid one and 3 line gradient shades. Combining the shade and the solid style, you can create really nice effect font.

Rainfall font

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