5 new ways of consuming and creating information

5 new ways of consuming and creating information

Today in the age of Internet, we are exposed to many source of information, either from the news portal, magazines or blogs of our choice, or from social sites like Facebook or Twitter. There are so much information created everyday and sometimes it is very difficult to consume them all.

Well, maybe you will think that some stories out there are presented in a conventional way and somehow it is boring to read. Well, here I’m going to introduce some fresh ways of creating and consuming information in this digital age.

Personalized News

There are so many news and information covering all sorts of aspects, how are we going to find the stuff that we want to read? Enter Zite and Paper.li.

Zite is an application for mobile devices (both Apple and Android), and it is a personalized magazine that gets smarter as you use it. When using it, you will pick several topics/keywords of your choice, and it will fetch you with relevant news that you care. I used Zite and found really useful links with it.

With Paper.li, you can create your own online newspaper! Paper.li is a content curation service and you can publish newspapers based on topics you like, and you can also share with others and read other users paper.


News with audio

Sometimes, we all like the good old television because it feeds you with not just visuals but also audio. There are a great website call Qwiki, it is like Wikipedia with audio. Here you can search for your information, and it will present you with an entertaining slideshow, with audio narrations as well as subtitles.



Storify it’s a service that helps users tell stories by curating social media. That means with Storify, you can gather the scattered news from many sources like Twitter, Youtube, and links etc and put them into one place, or a story. It’s pretty interesting way to present the news if is involving social aspects.



As many of Facebook users have known, the profile page had gradually turned into the timeline based interface. Personally I like it very much because of the presentation is nice and sorted based on time. Well, Verite.co also comes up with this service call “Timeline” that let you create interesting stories based on timeline event. I think this is great for creating interactive company milestone page, personal profile, and historical events.


Read the Important Only

Conventional news sites normally displays all the news in a page, but hardly highlight which one is the news that matters for the day. However, Newsmap is an one of a kind news portal that displays news based on popularity. The more popular the article, the bigger square it is. You will know that that news is a definitely a must-read.

Next, is a site call Breaking News., it also displays important news of the day, based on multiple sources like wire services, live feed, RSS, Twitter and more. It also shows you the popular topics and ongoing stories that you may want to follow.


End Word
Well, there are definitely more new ways of consuming and creating news that I couldn’t manage to cover, if you have any recommendation, please do introduce it to me. All I can say is, digital text is definitely way more interesting than the linear, printed text.

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