10 lovely brochures found on Pinterest

10 Lovely brochures found on Pinterest

As many of you guys had known, Pinterest is the hottest social website right now! Users pinning up interesting images found all over the Internet that makes Pinterest an ideal place looking for inspirations. In this post I will show you some really lovely brochure designs found in the website.

Besides that, I will also post some useful links related to brochure designs, for example resources of brochure templates and more, just to update my previous post about brochure I posted some time ago. Please continue reading to check out the brochures!

Brochure from Pinterest 1

Brochure from Pinterest 2

Brochure from Pinterest 3

Brochure from Pinterest 4

Brochure from Pinterest 5

Brochure from Pinterest 6

Brochure from Pinterest 7

Brochure from Pinterest 8

Brochure from Pinterest 9

Brochure from Pinterest 10

Inspiration is everywhere!

Well indeed Pinterest changed the way we look for images and inspirations, and if you want to look for more brochure pins, please click this link! Actually there are several other sites that provide the similar experience. Here I list down some useful links and collective websites that you can rely on:

Design Inspiration 'Brochure' tag

Brochure resources

If you are looking for some resources regarding brochure, here I have two links to introduce.

The first link provides useful brochure templates with some common paper sizes and folds, while the other one teaches you on the different folding method for brochure. All I can say is there are quite a lot of ways to fold your brochure!

Folding Tips

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