10 Japan related Youtube Channels that worth subscribe to

10 Japan related Youtube Channels that worth subscribe to

Youtube is one of the most visited video website worldwide and with Youtube, users able to upload and share their thoughts and awesomeness with people around the world. In this post, I will introduce 10 awesome Japan related Youtube Channels that worth subscribe to.

These 10 channels talks about a variety of things, ranging from Japan tech news videos, Japan culture to super cute cat videos. Please continue reading to check out these Channels!

The awesome 10

DigInfo News – Link
If you are interested in the latest technology news in Japan, you have to subscribe to this.

Cooking with Dog – Link
Learn how to cook delicious Japanese dishes in this informative and entertaining channel!

JapanesePod101 – Link
Let’s learn Japanese with video with JapanesePod101.

Get latest Japan entertainment update fix with JIJIPRESS. However this channel is in Japanese.

I am Maru – Link
Maru is really an adorable cute cat and super famous too! Catch Maru in action with this official channel.

Goro the Welsh Corgi – Link
Besides cat, we have cute dog too! Goro is lucky to have such a nice owner.

HIKAKIN is a skillful, awesome beatboxer from Japan. His beatboxes are just incredible!

Japan Commercial – Link
If you are interested in latest Japanese Commercials, be sure to check this channel!

Channel ASAHI – Link
Be sure to check this news channel ASAHI to check out most updated news from Japan.

Culture Japan – Link
This is the official channel of famous blogger Danny Choo. Watch this channel to learn more about Japanese anime and popular culture!

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