Google+ for Web Designers

Google+ for Web Designers

Google+ is the most red hot topic on the Internet right now. I was lucky to get invited by my friend and get a chance to test out this latest social networking service from Google. At the first time of logging in, I immediately fall in love with the clean, user friendly UI as well as the features. I would say that G+ is a really nice product that somehow combine the sweetness of Facebook and Twitter.

In fact that I really like G+ and thought that as a Web Designers or Developers, we can benefit from using it. In this post I will point out the simple things that you can do to make your G+ account a one-stop Web Design resources hub.

Add a “Web Design” Circle.

Besides create circles of Friends and Families, how about create a “Web Design” circle? You can follow popular Web Designers around the world to interact and get news feed from them. I think it’s like a Twitter but with community. As a start, you can start adding people like +Vitaly Friedman, the co-founder of Smashing Magazine.


Use Sparks to get Web Design news feed

I particularly like “Sparks” because it will crawl the news that you interested in. For Web Designers, why don’t just create Sparks with keywords like “Web Design”, “CSS3” or “HTML5” and any other topics?


Use +1 as bookmark service

I bet a lot of Web Designers use Facebook Like or Share button as a bookmark service. Well, with Google Plus One button, you can also stores links in your Google Plus account. Because of the clean UI, the bookmarks that stored in your +1 page looks neater. However, not many websites implement the +1 button, but there are browser plugins to the rescue. Click the link to install +1 button plugin for Chrome and Firefox



I believe there are much more useful things that Web Designers can do with their Google+ account. Perhaps when working with client, designers can connect with client for discussion and getting feedback? Use Hangout for video conferencing with them? Well, in the end Web Designers can really benefited from using Google+.

Last but not least, here is my Google+ account and feel free to connect with me!

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