Media Queries – a Responsive Web Design Gallery

Media Queries - a Responsive Web Design Gallery

Responsive Web Design has become really popular nowadays. As in the world today with the desktop screen getting much wider, while on the other hand the rising of mobile devices with smaller screen and resolutions. Now it is very essential to create a website that can be viewed with various screen resolutions. With the help of CSS3’s Media Queries, designers are able to design websites that are responsive and adaptive to what screen resolutions that the users have.

Media Queries has been existed quite some time already and there are quite a number of websites that use Media Queries. Recently I found a web gallery called Media Queries, which showcase the good examples of responsive web designs.

Media Queries - a Responsive Web Design Gallery

In the gallery, you will find examples with four resolutions, which are: Smartphone (320px), Tablet (768px), Netbook (1024px) and Desktop (1600px). I think this is a great gallery to look for reference for responsive layout.

Recently I also just started to learn to design and code responsive layouts. It is really tough and challenging but it is satisfying to see the design is adaptive and usable with various resolutions. To read more about guides and tips on this topic, you can go to Line25’s article Responsive Web Design Articles, Tutorials & Guides, you will find many useful links in there. For beginners, Web Designer Wall has a easy to understand tutorial to help you creating your first responsive layout.

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