High Quality Subtle Pattern Resources at SubtlePatterns

High Quality Subtle Pattern Resources

Texture and pattern has become one of the most commonly used elements in Web Design. If browsing through major web design galleries, you will found that many featured websites has really nice subtle textures and patterns in the design like body background or design elements. This small subtle textures might not really eye popping, but it makes your design richer in depth and much classier too. Recently I stumbled on this website called Subtle Patterns which has the growing collection of really nice subtle texture pattern!

The patterns in Subtle Patterns are high quality and tile-able too, ranging from fabric, leather to paper textures. You can download these goodies for free, by either download each pattern individually or download the Photoshop pattern file at the bottom of the page to use it directly in Photoshop. I think this website is really useful and will definitely use some of the patterns on the future design projects.

Subtle Patterns

More Subtle Goodies

If you are looking for more quality subtle goodies like grunge texture, WeFunction has released really good subtle grunge textures for free to download. Until today WeFunction released three sets, which you can download at here:


Besides textures and patterns, in my opinion drop shadow is also an elements that will make your website design unique, especially those subtle 3d-ish shadows. Well, these shadows are not hard to create, but folks at WordPress Theme Shock has made a really nice drop shadow resources for us to download. Well with the resources websites introduced here, hope it can help you in creating designs with cool subtle effects!

Drop Shadow

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