Sakura 2011

Sakura 2011

I had been quite occupied with works lately and was a little late to post this article about cherry blossom. As many people know, cherry blossom or sakura blossoms during Spring season and it is really beautiful when fully bloomed. Two years ago, I when to Japan and witnessed the beauty of cherry blossom.

There are many places to look for beautiful cherry blossom photos on the Internet, I posted an article last year which contains some pretty cherry blossom photos, or you can also go to SAKURA SELECTION to check out more sakura flowers around Tokyo area.


If you planning to visit Japan in the future for cherry blossom viewing, you can follow the handy Cherry Blossom Report by Japan Guide. Well, now almost comes to the end of the sakura season already. I wish to visit Japan next year to view sakura again and take many beautiful photos of it, not to forget visit the Tokyo Sky Tree that will complete next year.

Finally, please check out the awesome music video “Sakura Iro” (color of sakura) by Chicago Poodle. Enjoy!

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