Pick the right font for your logotype with Wordmark.it

Pick the right font for your logotype with Wordmark.it

When comes to choosing the best fonts for the logo designs, it is always time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Perhaps you can look for the fonts on the online font stores like FontShop or free font websites like dafont.com, perhaps the most suitable font is already installed in your system. But there are hundreds of fonts and how are we going to pick one smartly? Enter Wordmark.it.

Wordmark.it is a online tool to help you to choose the best font out of many fonts installed in your system. Some useful functions in this service is you can enter your desired text, set the text size bigger or smaller, and even make it positive or negative space. And you can also select the fonts and view them under the “filter selected” tab.

The service are able to detect all the fonts installed, but if you have massive library then you need to load the fonts several times. wordmark.it was built by Fahri Özkaramanlı who is a freelance designer living in Istanbul. Great job Fahri.

If you are not convinced with wordmark.it, please check out the alternative services listed below which doing almost the same job.

Font Picker

Font Picker is a flash based app that you can quickly search through the fonts installed in your system and pick the best font. You can type your custom text, select and filter the fonts you don’t want. You can also download this app to your system with Adobe Air too.

Font Picker


This is a useful fontBROWSER from STC. It displays all the fonts installed in your system on the left sidebar. Although it can’t do filtering or mass comparing, you can quickly browse through the fonts with the text and font size options desired.

Flipping Typical

Flipping Typical does the same job as well, but it can’t detect all the fonts installed in my pc. Is it just me or what?


Another worth mentioning is the popular web tool Typetester. Although it’s not the right tool for choosing logo fonts, it is great for setting the style for typography on the web.

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