Have a Merry Little Christmas with JPOP

Have a Merry Little Christmas with JPOP

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is around the corner and here I wishes all readers a very Merry Christmas! Christmas is a very special moment for many people, same goes to the Japan music industry because many artists will release single to celebrate this wonderful day. And here I will continue the tradition by sharing Christmas JPOP songs with you all!

Well, there are a total of 13 Christmas songs in the playlist I created. And I also include Christmas songs from 宏実 (Hiromi) again that I featured last year, this is because I think Hiromi’s songs are really nice and worth a listen again! And many of the songs are love related, perhaps during Christmas season, many will want to celebrate with the their most loved. Songs like “Christmas Love” by Nishino Kana is really sweet and lovely, while “my Secret Santa” by moumoon is cute and perhaps YU-A‘s song best reflect my situation. Read on to access to the playlist!

Picture header credit: Sasaki Nozomi’s “Jin Jin Jingle Bell” cover.

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