Galleries With Specific Genre

Galleries With Specific Genre

Visiting galleries definitely are one of the ways to look for design inspirations. There are tonnes of galleries out there showcasing the best in designs, and some of them are focusing on specific genre or field of area, for example app designs, minimalist designs, typography and more. This is quite handy because I can focus on specific genre in straight forward manner.

Without further elaborating, below are some galleries with specific genre. Continue reading to proceed!


Wireframe is one vital state in the process of designing web and now it gets more attention and people starts to appreciate the beauty of wireframe. Below are two galleries that showcases wireframes.

Wireframe Showcase

Custom Blog Post Design

Popularized by Web guru Jason Santa Maria, there are trend of creating custom design for post entries. Getting away from the convention blog layout, these custom blog post represents the daring move and creativity of the blog creators.

Heart Directed

Mobile App Gallery

App design is getting popular nowadays, thanks to the matured stage of the mobile world. Below are some galleries that worth checking out for mobile app interface design inspiration.

Tap Fancy

iPad App Gallery

Similar with mobile interface design, iPad has a bigger display resolution. Head on to Landing Pad to check out app designs on iPad. By the way, for more iOS app design inspiration, please visit iOSpirations.

Landing Pad

Mobile Website Gallery

Another genre related to mobile devices, now is the web designs on mobile. In modern web design, besides targeting to normal screen design, now also have to think of how the design looks on mobile devices. For inspirations you can rely on websites below:

CSS iPhone

FBML Showcase

It’s common that corporations setting up Facebook page to connect with customers. We can use Static FBML to create a custom tab page to create a more personal environment.

Facebook Showcase

Minimalist Websites

Minimalist is an idea of less is actually more. Sometimes, information can be conveyed with just minimal approach and create exclusivity.

Minimal Sites

Grid Based Design

Besides minimalist design, grid based layout also one great trend. In my opinion it’s a good practice to use a grid system when designing websites. You can always create your own grid or use grid generator like Gridulator.

Grid Based Designs

Flash Websites

By using Flash, designers able to create one of a kind interactivity of designs that is both pleasure to the eyes and intuitive. Head on to websites below for Flash Web Design inspiration.


JQuery Powered

jQuery is really popular. With jQuery, designers can implement and enhance a better user experience to the website designs. jQuery Style has a gallery that showcase the cool websites that powered by jQuery.

jQuery Style

Portfolio Gallery

Want to design your own personal portfolio? or looking for portfolio design inspiration? Look no further more to two websites below.

Pixel Perfect Portfolios

User Interface Gallery

Two galleries below are dedicated to the nice and usable User Interface design, for example the Form design, buttons, Log In windows and more. We are able to learn the best practice of UI designs with these galleries.

Pattern Tap

Website Footer

Website footer is not just an area that contents secondary link navigation. Now there are a lot of footers that are nicely crafted. You can view many great examples in Footer Fetish.

Footer Fetish

Web Banner Gallery

Scrap the annoying banner. Web Banner Gallery will shows you the beautiful web banners that done right.

Web Banner Gallery

Newsletters Gallery

I really enjoy beautiful newsletters. Newsletter is a great way to keep your subscribers up to date. Previously I also wrote an article about essential resources about newsletter designs.

Campaign Monitor's Gallery


Typography is one crucial element in design, no matter on print medium or on the Web. Great typography can give professional feel and the mix and match of typefaces can be really difficult sometimes! Below are some galleries dedicated to typography.

Typograhy Served

Logo Gallery

Logo represents the identity of an individual or corporations. Logo designs have to be unique in order to create deeper impression to people. Websites below showcase the good looking logo designs.


All in One, Mixed Genre

Finally we come to the final category. I dedicated this space for inspiration galleries that combines many design genres into one website. Sometimes inspiration can be from any genres.


Reference: Six Revisions | Kayac Designer’s Blog

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