Designers & Developers’ Front End Playground

Designers & Developers' Front End Playground

Playground is always the best place to have fun and explore new things. Kids loves to play with sand, bricks and toys. But this doesn’t mean that human stop playing when grown up. We are still playing but with different sets of tools and play zone. Web Designers and Developers too, love to play and experiment. Here in this post, I present you 8 designers and developers’ front end playground.

Besides doing full time job or client’s assignments, these adventurous designers and developers are not forgetting the desire of trying something new with latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Some demonstrations are really cool and able to learn from them on what’s the possibilities in web design scene. Please check out their playgrounds after the break!

Zurb’s Playground

Zurb is a creative studio consists of adventurous designers. Zurb created a playground page to showcase experiments and new ideas by the team. The Playground has quite a load of awesome samples ranging from CSS3 Animations to useful Web Tools. I find the Bounce App is really handy!

Zurb's Playground

Deaxon’s Playground

A personal playground by Apple App’s User Interface Designer call Deaxon or Benjamin De Cock (According to his Twitter account). Deaxon did many front end experiments including CSS, HTML, Javascript and SVG. His CSS experiments are really worth checking out!

Deaxon's Playground

Hakim’s Playground

This is a creative lab and interactive playground of Hakim El Hattab, a developer who loves motion graphics and animation. His mainly plays around HTML5’s Canvas to create motion interactions.

Hakim's Playground

Stu’s Playground

CSS Play is a partnership between Stuart Nicholls, or Stu in short, together with his wife. Stu is 64 years old senior and is a self employed web designer/adviser. CSS Play consist of large collections of useful demonstrations of CSS wonders. Please head to the demos to take a look.

Stu's Playground

Simurai’s Playground

A personal playground by an Interactive Designer call Simurai. Had been lived and worked at both Eastern and Western countries, Simurai is a CSS3 explorer. His experiments are mainly explorations of CSS3 properties. Notable demonstration is the delicious BonBon Buttons.

Simurai's Playground

Román Cortés’s Playground

Probably you already visited Román Cortés’s blog before, because of his popular blog post about Pure CSS Coke Can. Besides the Coke can, Román also did some interesting experiments on CSS and CSS together with Javascript.

Román Cortés’s Playground

Chris Ruppel’s Playground

This is a CSS3 playground for a Web Developer call Chris Ruppel who lives in Dallas, Texas. His CSS3 demos are best view in modern browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox 4 beta since it involves CSS3 animations.

Chris Ruppel's Playground

Saemus Leahy’s Playground

Front End Web Developer Seamus Leahy also have his own personal CSS Playground at his homepage. Until now, he has 16 examples on CSS demonstrations. Notable demonstration like the CSS Stack Menu that are inspired by Mac OS X Stacks.

Saemus Leahy's Playground

Picture header credit: Saemus Leahy

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