Download free stock photos at Sozaing

Download free stock photos at Sozaing

There’s a great demand on stock photographs and there are tonnes of stock image websites that you can download the free stock images and photos or by subscription. Using some stock photos might lead you to a cliche designs, but stock photos also can be very useful and assist in producing desired results. Introducing Sozaing, a website that provides quality free stock images that can be used on commercial projects. Brilliant!

At Sozaing, all the photo resources are free, and need no registration to download the photos (thanks). If you found the photos that you would like to download, just click the big download button, circled in as shown in the picture below in this article. Once click, the photos will be downloaded immediately.

Download photos

The website is in Japanese, so for people who don’t know Japanese it might difficult for you to navigate. Well you can always use the Google Translate tool. Here, in picture below I translate the photo categories into English for your convenience. Besides photos, Sozaing also provides other useful web resources and links too like icons, buttons etc.


Although the photos are available for free and can be used commercially, but there are terms of usage that you need to know. Please check them out. Other than that, happy downloading! šŸ˜€

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