Interesting Manner Poster of Tokyo Metro Subway

Interesting Manner Poster of Tokyo Metro Subway

When think of Japan, besides the delicious food and culture, another thing that might comes to mind is the convenient of the public transport especially train system. In capital city of Japan, Tokyo, there are huge amount of train lines that connects to many destinations. One of them is the Tokyo Metro subway. I think if you plan to travel around Tokyo area, the Tokyo Metro will be your best friend.

Well when taking public transports like train, the users have to behave and think of other passengers as well. But there are a lot of situations that might happen too which will lead to unhappy train ride. So to counter such situation, Tokyo Metro created a series of poster to educate the users on what makes a good train passenger.

Please do it somewhere else!

The posters were cutely illustrated with real-life situations but maybe a little exaggerated. The message is serious and straight to the point, but softened by the illustrations like below.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Please do it again!

Recently, the idea was slightly changed. Instead of reminding not doing this or that in train and platform, now it encourage passengers to do it again by showing what’s good manner when taking train.

Poster 3

Well back in my country Malaysia, the train system is way behind and there’s no such manner poster as well. So when seeing these posters, I feel warm. For more posters please go to Tokyo Metro’s manner poster directory.

Extra: If you are interested to check out more manner posters, why don’t head to Pink Tentacles’ post on Vintage Tokyo Subway Manner Posters, it’s full of awesome.

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