Designing newsletter – essential resources

Designing newsletter - essential resources

When becoming a web designer, sometimes we will need to design newsletter for clients or ourselves to promote and inform customers and subscribers about the latest news and get in touch with them. When designing and coding newsletter, there are quite a few things that we need to take a look to in order to create a perfect and good looking newsletter.

One remarkable characteristics of newsletter design is that it is still only supported by using HTML Tables because many email clients still not as advanced as modern browsers nowadays. Besides, there are also unsupported CSS properties too. Below, I gathered few article links that teach essential tips and tricks when designing newsletter and would like to share with you all.

Essential Articles and Resources

13 tips for better HTML emails
by Designer Daily

Best practices for coding HTML emails
by Cats Who Code

Email Newsletter Design: Guidelines And Examples
by Smashing Magazine

Articles & Tips by Campaign Monitor
by Campaign Monitor

How to Code HTML Email Newsletters
by Sitepoint

A Guide to Creating Email Newsletters
by Web Designer Depot

Rock Solid HTML Emails
by 24Ways

Ultimate Guide to HTML Emails – Basics, Tips, Tutorials and Resources
by 1st Web Designer

Code an Email Newsletter from PSD to HTML
by Tut Toaster

Newsletter Design Inspiration

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