Learn Japanese with Twitter

Learn Japanese via Twitter

As many of you guys already know, Twitter let us to express in less than 140 characters, then connect and meet new friends. And in Japan, Twitter is really a hit and many of the Japanese tweets are “mumbles“. But besides that, despite of limited characters, we can also find some Twitterers that actually educational and teach Japanese!

There are a few of notable Twitter accounts that teaches Japanese via Tweets. This is really recommended for the people who learn Japanese. Links after the jump.

I also put up a list titled “Nihongo” for easier navigation. So please add them up into your new reference list along with your books and dictionary! Well speaking of quick reference on dictionary, I recommend Firefox extension call Rikaichan and Kotoba! iPhone app. Those are really useful and I use them all the time.

Wait… there is more!

I also found some other similar articles about learning Japanese language via Twitter. Please check them out.

Update (28 September 2010)
First, thanks to Coliss for crediting this blog post, and he also added more Tweeps that teaches Japanese that I didn’t manage to find out:

Picture header credit: Autumn by Lubitella

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