Interesting Time-lapse/Stop Motion videos of Japan

Interesting Time-lapse/Stop Motion videos of Japan

Japan definitely one destination that everyone loves to visit. Besides sight-seeing and taking memorable pictures, tourists are also getting more creative with the pictures taken by digital cameras or DSLRs and turning them into movie! The moving images normally constructed in two ways: Time-lapse and Stop Motion.

Because of using digital device, we can snap as many photos as we want (if the memory space is no issue). The characteristics of these kind of movies is that the animation is not very smooth, but it is interesting to watch: For stop motion, is to see how the creator stacks the photos, while time-lapse video, is to see the morphing movement. Below are the videos. Please enjoy!

Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan

by Brad Kremer

remanence : variance

by Samuel Cockedey

floating point

by Samuel Cockedey


by Samuel Cockedey

A few days in japan

by Charlesque

This is Japan!

by Eric Testroete

My Tokyo

by schnobe

Wait.. there is more!

Below is a compilation of links to more interesting videos on Japan, regardless is time-lapse, slow motion or normal video shooting style.

Picture header credit: Tokyo 15-22 by jedikremer

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