Dajare – interesting Japanese word play

Dajare - interesting Japanese word play

Recently I stumbled upon this interesting and funny Japanese word play called “駄洒落” (Dajare). According to Wikipedia, Dajare is similar in spirit to an English pun relying on similarities in the pronunciation of words to create a simple joke. Below are some of the interesting examples that I found from various websites. Please have a look! 😀

Romaji – Arumi kan no ue ni aru mikan.
Meaning – An orange on an aluminum can.

Romaji – Nyūyōku de nyūyoku.
Meaning – Taking a bath in New York.

Romaji – Toriniku ga torinikui!
Meaning – It’s so hard to get chicken meat!

Romaji – Kōchō sensei zekkōchō!
Meaning – School headmaster is in great mood!

Romaji – “Ienaiyo“tte, ienaiyo
Meaning – It’s hard to say I don’t have a home.

Romaji – Kono suika ha yasui ka?
Meaning – Is this watermelon cheap?

Final word

So, above are the six examples of dajare. For more in depth information, please check out the Wikipedia page and Dajare station (Japanese) for more examples!

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