A design tips that influence the way I work

A design tips that influence the way I work

When I was still in college studying Graphic Design, I met a lot of lecturers and guest teachers that taught me the problem solving skills and design theories, which are very useful and guided me to create a better design. Many thanks to them. There is one tip that have the most impact on me and actually been influencing me the way I work until now: Pick the most interesting idea, concentrate on it and start develop from there.

This tip actually given by a creative director of a television broadcast company three years ago, when he came to the school as guest lecturer. But before that, I already met him once when I went for interview to get my internship job in that broadcast company. When I show my humble portfolio, he was able to identify the weakness of my work the moment I showed to him. He is very experienced and able to point the weakness immediately as well as giving out idea on how to do it better. I was speechless during the interview and quite impressed with the capability of this creative director.

Then, few months later he came to my school as guest lecturer as mentioned earlier. He showed us about a poster advertisement project and listed out a few ideas that can be used for final outcome. Well as student, we tend to mix some of the ideas and make it a grand outcome, the more the better as we thought. But he said just concentrate on one the most eye capturing idea and you are good to go. Because by just focusing on one idea, the message can be delivered clearly and can be easily remembered by people.

I think this is a very effective way of thinking and I start to remember what he said and try to use it in every project after on. Indeed it helps. And how about you? What design thoughts that you think is very useful and influenced you?

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