What’s Wrong Being Naked tee on sale

What's Wrong Being Naked tee on sale

Recently one big news that happened in Japan entertainment industry is the suspicion on public indecency by one of the member of popular music group SMAP, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. Actually I was shocked when reading the news because his image has been positive, and I really like him. He already made his apology statement the day after being arrested and he said that he was dead drunk and deeply embarrassed on what he had done.

His action was being criticized by many people including Minister Kunio Hatoyama. On the other hand, people with quick business mind starts to produce tee shirt with “What’s wrong being naked” typography printed to put on sale, because he was reported that he said that to a police officer. Well I think he was quite pitiful and hopefully this thing won’t happen again. He has to know, he is a well known celebrity and things like this will sure being made huge by the medias and the chain reactions will appear.

My support to him. FIGHT!

Tsuyoshi_Kusanagi – Wikipedia
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi apologizes for alleged indecency – Youtube
Hadaka ni natte nani ga warui – ClubT

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