Japan Trip Photo

Japan Trip Photo

Click the picture link above to have a look to the pictures I took when visiting Japan. Well, I was just hanging around Tokyo and the cities around like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Yokohama, Mount Fuji etc. To be honest, a week in Tokyo is so not enough time to explore, but indeed it was a enjoyable trip.

I am really amazed with the train system in Japan because the network is massive and you can just go anywhere in Tokyo by train and foot. It is so convenient and fast. Really like their trains. Not forget about sakura! It was beautiful and unfortunately the time I came to Japan, many of the trees are still not in full bloom yet but well it’s still great.

It is really a nice trip and I met a few Malaysians too and really nice meeting them. Hopefully we will be gathered again some time in future and I shall explore more places besides Tokyo. 😀

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  • http://shiwase.wordpress.com/ Dalal =)

    Hi (こんにちは) 。

    Ah ~ you visit Japan, I wish I could visited, too

    How was it? did you see it similar to what we see in J.drama?
    Also, the pic which you took were (Kirei) beautiful ^^

    Really it’s nice to know about this Blog, and I will be always here ..
    wish you all the best A(^_^)

    * Don’t miss visit my blog,too

  • Yann_Soffianne

    Hi there.. Been reading your blog for a year now.. It’s all because of the interest in Japan..
    I just came back from Japan too.. Been there for two weeks but still unable to cover all the interesting places.. Hahahah.. \(^o^)/
    So happy that our dreams did come true, right? To be there and embrace the new and refreshing atmosphere..
    I came to love Japan more.. So, maybe need to save up again so that I’m able to make another trip there.. Haahahah.. Lets go again, yah!! (^_^)

  • admin

    Hi, glad that you went to Japan as well! Japan is just so fun and everything seem interesting! Yeah it’s a dream comes true, and it’s a refreshing experience. For sure I will travel there one more time or more in the future! 😀 Ganbatte!

  • http://www.k-i-s.ru Volikov

    Один совет, который хочу дать, это то, что надо поменьше глупостей писать, а то скоро всему верить будут 🙂