Sakura Songs 2009

Sakura Songs 2009

I’m a fan of Sakura (cherry blossom) flower, I even make it as my blog’s favicon. As some of you guys already know, around March and April where spring season is coming, cherry blossom flowers blossom beautifully in Japan. Besides this, many Japanese artists also appreciate the beauty of their national flower by singing and composing Sakura related songs.

Sakura gives a lot of feeling to us, mainly are positive, happy together and love. Different artists describe this feeling uniquely in their own way. So today I present you the year 2009 edition of Sakura songs, a playlist that consists of this year’s new Sakura songs with some old one :D. Please enjoy. You can also go here for the Sakura songs that I compiled last year.

Picture credit: From the album “Sakura Songs”

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