“Arafo” and “Guu!” voted Japanese buzzwords of 2008

Only few days more to the end of year 2008! While feeling exciting to welcome the brand new year, why don’t we take a look at what expressions had been voted the buzzwords of the year 2008 in Japan. Recently U-CAN conducted a yearly “new phrase/trendy words” nominations and voted that “Arafo” and “Guu!” are the buzzwords of 2008.

“Arafo,” a Japanese word that stands for “women aged around 40 years”. according to Mainichi news, tv drama “Around Forty” which acted by Yuki Amami, contributed to the popularization of the word “arafo,” received the prize at a ceremony held in Tokyo on Monday.

The winner receives prize at the ceremony

While “Guu!”, a comedian’s hit line meaning “Good,” is a signature gag of female comedian Harumi Edo, who rocketed to fame this year for the word, which she shouts while making a thumbs-up pose. You can read more about it at the Mainichi news link provided above, while the original news that was written in Japanese can be found here.

I think buzzwords really can reflect what was popular throughout one particular year. I heard about “Around 40” this drama but I never had a chance to watch it. But I will pick it up somewhere in near future. While I think “Guu!” is a cute expressions, perhaps I should learn to say this together with the thumbs up like picture above.

Well, if you interested, this is the link to Japanese 2007 buzzwords and 2005-2006 buzzwords.

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