Sites to learn and test Japanese Kanji for free

Sites to learn and test Japanese Kanji for free

One important expect in learning Japanese language is to master the Japanese Kanji. Learning Kanji might be a tough and painful process, but once you learnt it, it can become very useful. To learn Kanji effectively, you have to learn to memorize the character and better if you can learn to write it as well. In the Japanese Level Proficiency Test (JLPT for short), each level has to learn a certain amount of Kanji, the higher the level, the larger the quantity and more difficult too. Well, with the sites and tools that I introduce today, you can learn and test your Kanji level for free.

Renshuu is one recommended Japanese language learning site. Not just Kanji, you can also test your vocabulary as well as grammar. We will focusing on Kanji this time. You can choose either to learn or running through the quizzes. Lessons are separated into different levels and you can choose how you want to learn too. Pretty great site.


Besides that, there are many sites that offer free Kanji learning service too. But among of them, I recommend The Kanji Site, because of its clear and easy to use interface. It’s a good site to learn and exercise your Kanji proficiency at fast speed.

Not only sites, I also found some Kanji PDF resources on Scribd too. Just search JLPT Kanji List, you will have several documents talking about Kanji, for example Kanji list for Level 4, Level 3 and Level 2. You can download the PDF, print it and read it while off the computer. Pretty handy.


Another effective way to learn new words including Kanji is to have a dictionary in hand. However a good dictionary might be costly and it can be heavy and hard to carry around too. So “Kotoba!” will come for the rescue! It actually is a Japanese language dictionary for your iTouch and iPhone. It’s free to download and I downloaded it too. The words database is huge and I think it’s very useful. If you have iTouch or iPhone, I would really recommend to download this app.


Above are the sites and tools to learn and test your Kanji effectively. If you have any other nice suggestions, please drop me a comment and tell me and other readers about it. The JLPT test is just weeks away and I’m becoming nervous! Hope I can handle the paper! šŸ˜€

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  • stanley

    Way no bad got I tro iPod touch app cool will download later. Learn kanji

  • tom

    i think your JLPT is on the level 1 already.
    can u share how to learn japanese easily?

  • admin

    Hi tom, I no where near level 1, still learning. Well to learn a language easily, you have to listen, speak and write. It’s recommended to go for language class, that’s the fastest and effective way.

  • ~bluespirit

    Yay…I’m sitting for JLPT as well…only level 4 though…
    Ganbatte ne~

  • yourtcr

    Where to start for level 4

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