I’m officially a N.E.E.T

I'm a NEET!

Yesterday it was supposedly a normal day: waking up in the morning, having breakfast and going to work. Then in office, everyone gathers around the meeting room as there is important message to inform. And the message is due to unavoidable circumstances, company had no choice but close down. It was so shock and sudden that everyone, including me couldn’t response about it. Yes, now I’m one jobless dude.

As someone might not knowing, NEET means “Not in employment, education, or training”. Actually until now I still can’t believe that this happens to me. It’s a very sad because I really enjoying working in JGG with friendly colleagues. Now everyone has to find new path to continue the life. I have to accept this reality too, and with the time I’m having right now, it’s a great opportunity to think of what to do next. Yes, I’m now available for hire and I shall set up my portfolio page as soon as possible.

Despite the down moment, one thing that still able to continue cheering me up is this blog, my blog. It’s really good to have a personal blog! šŸ˜€

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