Resources: collar shirt vector template

Resources: collar shirt vector template

This is a free vector template for collar shirts. Well there are plenty of free templates for t-shirts available for download but I see less for collar or polo shirts, so I create one out and release it for download. Because it’s a vector file, you need to have vector software to use it for example Adobe Illustrator etc. Just grab the download link below, unzip it and start using it right away!

Download collar shirt vector EPS template (208kb zipped)

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  • Vicente Sarmento (Brazil)


  • Kean Hui

    good thing to share, thx jayhan.

  • admin

    You are welcome Vicente and Kean Hui šŸ˜‰

  • wanChin

    so excited whn seeing this site providing these useful sources. Thanks so much~

  • kitten


    where can we use this T_Shirt template? I just don’t get the implementation of this? if its for print media what are the File settings?

  • admin

    Hi kitten, to use this you need to use vector software like Adobe Illustrator. Because this is a template, you can put graphics on it, print it out and show it to the shops that provide shirt printing service.

  • ainrox

    hey.. thank you! it is really helpful.

  • craniomar

    I’ve search for this kind of t-shirt template. Thanks a lot!!!

  • admin

    You are welcome!

  • bajet

    just googling it … then found it. thankx it come at the right time when i need it.

  • women socks

    Hi,what a elegant shirt,thanks for sharing.I will get one like that.bill

  • Chin

    This is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much.

  • Daruzi

    AWESOME man… Thank you

  • haru

    hye thanks man..i really appreciate it šŸ™‚

  • Nick

    Brilliant! Thanks!

  • tinka

    Big help! Thanks a lot!

  • Todd