Unit PNG Fix is the best IE6 png hack out there

Unit PNG Fix is the best IE6 png hack out there

As web designers knew that Internet Explorer 6 does not support transparent PNG image files. It is really driving me crazy because recently I designed a site that requires heavy usage of transparent PNG images in background attributes. I had tried numerous png hacks available out there and they just couldn’t fully solve the problem. But finally I found the best solution – Unit PNG Fix.

Unit PNG Fix is lightweight and the response are quick. Basically, this fix able to find the PNG images and trick IE6 to display the transparencies. Big thanks to the team because I really want the web design to look as close to other modern browsers like Firefox, Safari etc in IE6, as it is still has a lot of users using it. Well, I really hope that they can switch to a better browser thou.

IE Death March

A little off topic, but still related to IE 6. Many designers hate IE 6, not only it does not support PNG transparency mentioned above, it is also not a web standard browser and it’s OLD. Many campaign springs out notably Save The Developers to encourage people to use a more modern browser. Well now there is IE Death March, to hope that people to drop the support for IE 6 by March 2009.

I think it’s a good move. I really hope that this web world is a happy world without IE 6.

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