These aren’t flash: 5+ sites powered by Ajax/Javascript

These aren't flash: 5 sites powered by Ajax/Javascript

Before Javascript, websites are pretty much static where the whole page refreshes and go to another page. If you want to have some little animations and the information loads within the same page, you will need flash to do. But now with Ajax and powerful Javascript framework like Jquery, Mootools, and more, websites can become “flash-like”.

From simple button rollover animation to complex like sliding tab content, Javascript can perform what Flash can do. With Javascript, the visitors interaction with the website become more friendly and interesting, and sometimes will giving “wow” effect too. Recently I spotted a few websites that powered by Javascript and looks really awesome. HTML websites now are no longer static.



ARSO // graffiti and design portfolio


tap tap tap

tap tap tap



hören-sehen-schmecken: Startseite



XiMnet Malaysia

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  • arso

    Thanks for using my site, as an example)

  • Vicente Sarmento (Brazil)

    Can you tell me if its harder to do like this or flash is harder?

  • jayhan

    Both are hard. I’m really noob in terms of coding stuff so this is all i can said.

  • Aleksander

    Еслиб немного поподробнее написано было, но в целом неплохо 🙂

  • GDX

    very nice..
    but i still prefer flash. i think for multimedia web content cases, flash is more powerfull than ajax such as controlling audio and videos..

    but ajax still awesome!

  • Seb

    Thanks guys. I’ve designed a new version of my Website for the 5th anniversary 🙂

    JS Rocks !

  • admin

    Hi Seb, thanks for the head up, and the new version is brilliant!