October 2008 desktop wallpaper

October 2008 desktop wallpaper

It’s been a messy last month and yesterday I browsed through my documents, and I totally forgot that actually I made a wallpaper design and actually wanted to submit to Smashing Magazine October wallpaper. Well I missed it and this is my late post for October 2008 wallpaper!

As usual, my wallpaper design is dark based with simple graphic. It features a clock that formed the number “10” which indicates October, with the October dates on the right side. The color is monochrome and basically the design was done in Photoshop. Below are the wallpaper resolutions for your desktop. It’s a bit late to post this as October has come but I hope you like it!

Widescreen resolution

Normal, LCD & notebook resolution

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  • http://liljetjennie.wordpress.com jfo

    awesomeee desktop background, it’s very fresh and clean, i love it =D I check out your site all the time, my apologies for never commenting! =]

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    Hi jfo, thanks for the comment, and glad that you like the wallpaper 😀

  • http://sparkplugged.net Shay

    Soooo shiny!! Pretty and practical =) Thanks Jay

  • http://www.shooweb.net/blog yewjin

    hi jayhan, stumbled upon your blog and I like it!

    I hope you save enough $$$$ to get yourself to Japan some day – its a whole new world over there & I know you’ll like it.

    – someone who travels quite often to japan –

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    Thanks Shay and yewjin!

  • lego

    hi bro, nice wallpaper~!
    well done!

  • admin

    Thanks sis 😀

  • q

    hey, the clock should point at 10.00 as well :p

  • kel

    Jayhan. This wallpaper is really nice.. Hope to see more of you creating more wallpapers.. ^^

  • http://www.laptophunt.com Margherita Exline

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