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Markup Service

There are dozens of sites on the web that offer PSD to HTML slicing services, and it becomes very frustrating to find the right one that will suit you 100%. Designers don’t like to code, but a professional XHTML / CSS is essential for each website. That is why it is sometimes very important to have a reliable coding service you can turn to.

The service that impressed me the most is PSD to HTML by Markup Service. They are professional, fast and secure. They have a personal approach to each client and they are open 24/7.

Markup Service

Delivery time

Markup Service converts PSD to HTML in 8 hours (per first page) and it takes them 3-6 hours to slice each inner page. This is one of the fastest services on the web, and what it more important, that they don’t have a fixed schedule. You can send them the design any time, any day and receive the XHTML / CSS in 8 hours. I don’t think anyone could go faster than that.


The code you receive after they convert your PSD to XHTML / CSS will be:

  • W3C Valid and compliant
  • Cross browser compatible (IE 6/7, FF 2/3, Opera 9+, Safari 2/3, Google Chrome)
  • SEO Semantic
  • Pixel precise
  • Optimized for load speed
  • Logically structured
  • Easy to update
  • Self explanatory in terms of class names

Order form

The Order Page of Markup Service is very user friendly and easy to work with. What I really like is the variety of options and packages they offer.

Markup Service

There are three packages – Standard, Professional and Deluxe and the following list of additional options to choose from: flexible width layouts, header/footer stretch, dynamic drop down menus, implementation of rollovers, sIFR implementation and implementation of SSI templates.

You can also choose from two CMS: WordPress or Joomla in case you need more than plain XHTML/CSS.


The price is based on the number of pages, the package and the additional options you choose. It is automatically calculated on the Order Page. The prices start at $139.

Markup Service offers a 50% discount for inner pages, and an additional 10% discount for bulk orders.


Markup Service has a very strong NDA policy, so you can be sure that if you outsorce your coding work, it will not appear anywhere on their site, and will not be shared with anyone. They also have a Money Back guarantee so you know that your money is secure with their company.

Examples and Testimonials

You can see some very warm feedbacks about Markup Service on their Testimonials page. Also, there are some examples to look at.

Note: This is a sponsored post.

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