“A Comic Book Christmas” Greeting Card Design Contest

Hello everyone, is design contest time. Folks over Foldees.com held a Christmas themed comic style greeting card design contest and stand a chance to win up to $2500 worth of cash and prizes! The cards, they can look like comic book covers, be designed as a comic strip, or even just depicting any sorta comic book artwork – be it anime, American, classic… anything goes! And this competition is open to all creative people from all over the world!

You can go to this contest page to find out the prizes, official contest rules as well as download the template AI file. For the sample designs of the card, you can refer to the Foldees blog to get a better picture. Creativity for card design is limitless, just that the output must be in pure flat colour vector art with no rasterization, filters, shadows or transparencies.

I think this is a great competition, and I will send my entry too. So what are you waiting for, just start design your card and send it in here before 20 October 2008! 😀

About Foldees

Started in 2008, Foldees was created to showcase the coolest greeting cards in the world. Where do these cards come from? You!

We believe that the coolest greeting cards in the world won’t come from a horde of creative directors in a fluorescent lit cubicle farm, but from the homes and cafes of the world, sorta like this guy….

We believe that everyone has at least one good idea or two, and that the office is just about the worst place to gestate those ideas (unless you’re doing it on the sly while your boss is out).

We believe that good creativity should be encouraged, and that’s why we pay our due credit, and royalties to the designers at each and every opportunity.

We believe that nothing says you care about someone like a greeting card that’s relevant to that someone, and that’s why we’ve created a site where people just like you are creating cards of all sorts, all over the world.

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