23 cool illustration style J-pop CD cover art

23 cool illustration J-pop cover art

Today we are going to appreciate the beauty of illustration style Japanese music CD cover art. CD cover art is something unique, some covers are designed to reflect the music styles and atmosphere, and some are to portray the personality of the music artists or groups. Many of them are using illustration instead of using their own appearance to design the CD covers, and it does giving an artistic sense of the artist itself. This also shows that art and music are inseparable!

Various illustration style can be apply to the cover design, for example some using clean vector style, and some are using hand drawing to illustrate the cover. Plus, it does not restricted only Japanese Pop music, many other music genres also using illustration style especially rock/alternative music. Well I don’t want to touch much on anime related soundtracks, because most of them are illustrated! Ok, below are the 23 covers selected by me.

高須光聖 松本人志 - 放送室

ロリコンの地位向上 - Land of the Phantasm

Sotte-Bosse- Namida no Koe

Rainbook - Sora no hana

YMCK - Family-Genesis

vistlip - Sara


the telephones - JAPAN

Tatsuo Sunaga - World Standard.o7

Special Thanks - SEVEN COLORS


relaxingroove - Sunset Lovers

myonmyon - 蓬莱姫譚

Murasama (ムラマサ☆) - WORLD

MORNING GLORY - I'm Still Green

Kigurumi (キグルミ) - Kigurumi's Children Songs

JUJU - My Life

dorlis - swingin' singin' playin'

De De Mouse - sunset girls


Aqua Timez - Niji

Abe Fuyumi - One Night Trip EP

Chi - Chi's Sweet Home

Well this is it. I hope you like some of those cover designs. To check out the larger versions of the cover, I created a Flickr sets to store all these nice covers above and will upload more J-pop nice illustration style CD covers in the future.

Credits: Amazon JP, j-pop.cn

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  • Moirethe

    Muramasa always has awesome cover art, but no Asian Kung-Fu Generation? They always have such awesome covers♥

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    Yeah, murasama’s cover arts are nice. Ok, will check out AKF’s stuff. Thanks for suggeestion.

  • http://sparkplugged.net Shay

    Some great cover art and I like the レインブック one 🙂 and all YMCK covers rock 😛

  • http://icondi.ru Кондиционер

    А чё, неплохо.

  • joy

    hello,i majored in design.i love these.
    this is my page.you can leave messages on it.

  • http://www.iphgeneration.blogspot.com sujuholic

    hye,love all the cover art!hope we can keep in touch so that we can share our interest..;p