Do you think like a programmer?

Do you think like a programmer?

Few days back I came across this interesting flash game call Light Bot. In this game, you will use a sets of key actions and functions to “program” the robot character to the blue squares and light them up. Soon I played the first few levels, immediately got addicted to it. The levels are getting more and more difficult and challenging until the end and I actually manage to pass them all! So, I think like a programmer?

Well, actually I do like to think and I like puzzle games very much. Games like Light Bot or Portal is my personal favorite types of games because I like to solve problems. The more difficult the more I like it. When successfully pass a level, I will be very happy for it. The process of problem solving is very exciting and sometimes tough too, but it’s a enjoyable process overall. Just like when designing things, it has the similar process, to think of what kind of design that provide best solution, and normally it takes several tries to achieve.

Everyone can think like a programmer, just that you have to think what works best to pass the level and never give up! But well, it’s just a game anyway, please enjoy! šŸ˜€

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