My dropped <hr> contest entry

Last month, Smashing Magazine held an interesting competition about designing creative horizontal rules. I participated the competition and hopefully to be shortlisted or at least be part of this special event. Recently the contest was revealed and I’m very eager to find whether my entry was in or not. It was a long post with tonnes of refreshing horizontal graphics submitted by many other designers… but.. when scrolling down the page, I can’t find my work. My entry was dropped!

Well I felt quite sad and disappointed, because I’m quite confident with my design.. But nevermind, I will share with you here. Below is my design which consists of 5 pieces of graphics. My concept is the normal horizontal rule is just a horizontal line separator, why not having a sequence showing small little story? Basically this is the idea.

Jayhan HR 1

Jayhan HR 2

Jayhan HR 3

Jayhan HR 4

Jayhan HR 5

Above are the horizontal sequence. Although I think the design it’s not quite practical but because of the competition, I want design come out with something unique. Ahh, just plain unlucky. 😉

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  • Eli

    Yours are way more beautiful than many that were shown in the contest results. Although, did submit all of them as a collection? That may be why it wasn’t accepted. Just submitting one or two may have worked though.

    I’ll save these images and maybe use them one day, then I’ll give you credit.

  • Iceq

    May not be practical…but, they are cute ^^

  • Vicente Sarmento (Brazil)

    Pretty, but not pratical. =(
    Anyway, nice try. Design needs people like you: trying to push it to a higher (or diferent) level, always.

  • PenangTuaPui

    art is very subjective, you din win doesn’t mean ur concept is bad or it looks bad, it looks great to me, but may not to the judge,

    I believe they got thousands of submission, to get through all the entries, it is tough to them too.

    keep it up. Gambateh Kudasai