Hi, Google Chrome!

Hi, Google Chrome!

Well recently the hottest news that floated around the Internet world, without a doubt is Google launching their own web browser call Google Chrome. Without left behind, I myself also downloaded a copy, installed it and have a try on this sweet browser. Wow, it is fast!

I really enjoy using Google Chrome because it was lightweight, does not consume a lot of background resources, and the response is quick. I really love it despite it is still just a beta released browser. Just one thing that I’m not getting used to it is that the “Stop Loading” button was located at the far right side of the address bar. This is because normally the default “Stop Loading” button was located at the left side of browser, beside refresh button.

I think the future version of Chrome will have more useful features to look more complete and well rounded like FireFox. FireFox is still my main web browser to use, but it seems to be slower and eating more RAM resources. Maybe it is because of all the add-ons I installed that cause this. But I just hope it can be quicker like Chrome.

Although Google Chrome is new but I think it has huge potential to cruise forward, competing against the modern browser war.

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