Free iPhone, iPod Touch wallpaper by Pixel Lab

Free Iphone, Ipod Touch wallpaper by Pixel Lab

Last month I bought an 8GB iPod Touch in order to listen to Learning Japanese podcast when riding train to go work or away from keyboard. I’m absolutely love my iPod Touch very much but certainly it needs cool wallpaper to accompany with. So I stumbled upon this cool site from Pixel Lab, where they release these awesome looking wallpapers for iPhone and iPod Touch, and it’s really perfect for me! šŸ˜€

The wallpaper artworks are actually from their various works, for example the Hard Typographic Artwork Series. I like particularly the third series which is Tree, the treatment of the visual manipulation and playfulness of typography just lovely. The first series: Human and second: Flower are cool too.

Hard Typographic Artwork Series

An eye opener

Surfing into Pixel Lab’s blog is truly an eye opener to me. Pixel Lab is a very creative team from Japan and they are focused on Flash technology, ActionScript3, 3D, design, photography, visual, original tool and artwork. For most of the work, they use Flash and Fireworks, including the Hard Typographic Artwork Series mentioned above. Like me, you might think those are Photoshop powered, but actually it’s not.

You can view their archives to take a look in their awesome Draw Tools where they built it to construct those such unique visuals. And the good thing is they are so kind that they put it up for us to try it out! I personally tried this DRAW HardMotionBlur, and it was fun! Pixel Lab is cool! šŸ˜€

DRAW HardMotionBlur

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