Dotted world map in Hyphen Magazine

Dotted world map in Hyphen magazine

In January this year, I posted up Dotted World Map vector resource for download, and it became very popular! It has being featured and introduced in many popular sites like Vecteezy, WebAppers, Smashing Magazines, Spoon Graphics, etc.. and even went to the front page of Delicious. Well, now it also appeared as printed format in Hyphen Magazine! 😀

Don’t you think it looks good on the spread shown above? Hyphen is a national magazine for urban, in-the-know Asian Americans. Covering arts, culture and politics with substance, style and sass, Hyphen has become a media must for one of the fastest growing populations in America. Plus, Hyphen is a nonprofit mag with an all-volunteer staff that does it all for the love. You can support them by subscribing the magazine too.

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  • Eli

    Very nice, congrats on this!

  • Sam

    Congrats! It’s always nice to get your work featured.

  • disel

    что касается темы, то мне кажется актуальность будет известна только через некоторое время

  • jayhan

    yeah, it’s a great honor to me. Thanks Eli and Sam

  • Ozgur

    Good Congrats.

  • XSatiram

    Дискутировать можно бесконечно, поэтому просто хочу поблагодарить автора. Спасибо!

  • mygold

    Кто в детстве мечтал стать космонавтом?

  • Иван

    Спасибо за ответы на все вопросы 🙂 На самом деле узнал много нового. Вот только до конца так и не разобрался что и откуда.

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