12 Japanese Handwriting Style Fonts. Free download!

12 Japanese Handwriting Style Fonts. Free download!

Japanese certainly are expert in good looking and cute handwriting style fonts. So, since I wrote about this post a while back, I think it’s time to go hunt for more free Japanese fonts, and the finding was good. I found these 12 really nice handwriting style fonts that are free to use! Banzai!

All these 12 Japanese handwriting fonts here are able to write in Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, as well as Romaji characters and Numbers. There is one even can perform emoji too. So, the font files are quite huge. As usual, I will give you a screenshot of the fonts, as well as the link to the original page and a download link. Many of the fonts are zipped and some of them are zipped in .lzh format. I recommend to use WinRAR to extract it. Here we go.

Japanese handwriting style fonts (日本手書き風フォント)

Aqua FontLink | Download
Aqua Font

Elmer FontLink | Download
Elmer Font

GN 12 dot bitmapLink | Download
GN 12 dot bitmap

HonyaLink | Download

MikachanLink | Download

S2G P Tsuki font Ver1.51Link | Download

S2G P Nagurigaki Ver1.6Link | Download
S2G P Nagurigaki Ver1.6

Reiko FontLink | Download
Reiko Font

S2G Love Ver1.6Link | Download
S2G Love Ver1.6

Sanafon KakuLink | Download
Sanafon Kaku

S2G P Umi font Ver1.6Link | Download
S2G P Umi font Ver1.6

TA Bimyoutai (TA微妙体)Link | Download
TA Bimyoutai

In order to use this font, assuming you are using Windows XP, you need to have Asian text languages and input text installed into your machine. Then you can go to Control Panel and double click Regional and Language Options. Then click the Languages tab and click the Details button. In the Settings panel, click Add, then find and select the Japanese Input Languages and click “Ok”. Now, Japanese input is in your input panel. Now, you can type Japanese characters in MS Words, Photoshop etc by selecting the “JP” at the Language Toolbar.

Credit: Akibatec.net

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    Hi Belle, you need to change your keyboard input to Japanese keyboard.

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