I search using del.icio.us too

I use del.icio.us to search too

When searching for information on the Internet, normally I will go to search engine sites like Google or Yahoo. However, I also use social bookmark site Del.icio.us as search engine alternative too. Well this is because Del.icio.us has the tagging system that make search result more precise and focused. By searching through Del.icio.us, you might discover many interesting sites that bookmarked by other users which maybe buried deep in Google search result.

I also want to suggest (especially Web Designer) that to use Del.icio.us to store bookmarks instead of in your web browser, because you can access to your bookmarks everywhere, and you can save as many as you want too. Plus, you can also check what website/blog article is hot on the popular list.

Bookmark Suggestions

Today I stumbled upon an interesting site Bookmark Insuggest – This tool will analyze your online bookmarks and recommend other bookmarks that matches your taste. Provide your del.icio.us username to see Your personal suggestions. Besides bookmarks, it also suggest websites and images that you might interested in too. Well, pretty slick and cool sites to use.

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