Tokyo Plastic geisha dolls x Jon Burgerman’s Tiddles

Tokyo Plastic geisha dolls X Jon Burgerman's Tiddles

Look at the sweet collaboration between Tokyo Plastic’s famous geisha dolls with Jon Burgerman’s Tiddles character illustration. This dolls was part of the Tokyo Plastics’ “King of Masters” exhibition at The Showroom in New York City. Well from the result, it is just plugging the Geisha Dolls head into Tiddles, but indeed the result is cool and funky!

I get to know Tokyo Plastic geisha dolls when watching their ultra-entertaining flash animation “drum machine“. The cuteness of the dolls had caught my eye and the animation has been my most favorite flash motion of all time. On the other hand, I’m very admiring on the illustration styles of Jon Burgerman. Both are just amazing and awe-inspiring to me. You can read more about Tokyo Plastic at Tokyo Cube here.

Tokyo Plastic drum machine

Source: Tiddles Tokyo Custom

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