Small changes, big difference

Bank Islam logo

Sometimes a small little changes can make a lot difference. Today I want to talk about the small design change of one of Malaysia bank call Bank Islam. Established in 1983, Bank Islam primarily to assist the financial needs of the country’s Muslims and to further extend its services to the whole population at large. Not long ago, they revealed their whole new corporate identity to this maroon and gray color scheme with a more globalise kind of logo design. But when I saw the logo, I feel not right about the logo.

Please look at the picture shown above. Originally the logo design was presented like the one on the left. Can you see something was not quite right in that logo? Well, from the logo rationale I read from the Bank Islam site it says that

The Bank Islam logo incorporates a “crescent” embracing the word “Islam”.

So in the initial design, the crescent which is in maroon color was incorporated into the character “K” of Bank. But when the “K” was being modified as part of the crescent graphic until it does not look like a readable “K” anymore, will you think that it looks and sounds like BANK ISLAM rather than BANK ISLAM?

That’s really causing a big confusion there (at least for me). However, about a month back when I walking to work where I will pass Bank Islam, immediately I spotted a little changes on the logo. Now it looks the one on the right. The crescent has become a graphic on its own and the “K” become the regular “K” and having the same color as other character. It must be some people having same opinion as me and propose for design amendment. The new version looks and sounds far better than the previous design, and it won’t cause confusion to viewers too.


Designers loves to play with typography when comes to logo design. But, we still need to take into consideration on the logo clarity and whether it will cause confusion to the viewers or not. In the end, kudos to the design team that made necessary changes. Small changes, big difference.

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