Jpop newcomers I enjoy listening in 1st quarter 2008

In Japanese music industry there is a lot of talents coming out each year. Through several sources, I came across a few J-pop talented newcomers that sings really well and produce great music. My definition of newcomers is artists that debuted no more than 1 year. Below is the 6 new artists or units that I enjoying listening from January to March 08.

1. Alan – Ashita e no Sanka, 2. Skelt 8 Bambino – My Friends, 3. Ragdoll – Monochrome Eyes, 4. Aoyama Thelma – Last Letter, 5. Saori@Destiny – Sakura, 6. Shimizu Shota – Home


Alan - Jpop newcomers I enjoy listening in 1st quarter 2008

Alan (阿蘭 or 阿兰) is a Tibetan/Chinese singer and Erhu player from Sichuan province who debuted in 2005 with the album Sheng Sheng Zui Ru Lan. Then she was scouted by Avex Japan and made her Japanese language debut in 2007 with the single “Ashita e no Sanka”.

I only notice Alan when she released second single “Hitotsu”. I immediately attracted by her great voice when listening to this single. After that, I searched and listened her debut single “Ashite e no Sanka” which I think it’s one of the most unique song I ever heard this year. It’s not your average J-pop tune, because it was blended with Chinese music instruments together with singing style of Alan. Not to mention that she is beautiful too.

She has a grand wish that she hope World peace, and building a happiness bridge among Asian countries through her songs. Plus, there is a great review about Alan’s debut at Channel Ai blog.

Skelt 8 Bambino

Skelt 8 Bambino - Jpop newcomers I enjoy listening in 1st quarter 2008

Skelt 8 Bambino consists of 5 members. Each of them has their own group activities but because of having the same interest, they group together in Spring 2006. S8B major debuted in 2008 under Nayutawave Records.

I know them through their second single “My Friends” which is a catchy Rap song. I really love this song just after second of listening to the song. It’s a song of friendship, no matter we are getting together or apart, we are still friends that kind of feeling. Great for graduation song.


Ragdoll - Jpop newcomers I enjoy listening in 1st quarter 2008

Ragdoll is a dance music unit consists of two member, Yummi (vocal, dance, lyricist) and Tatsugoo (Keyboard, DJ, Composer and Art Direction). Sounds like they are doing all the music and production jobs! Ragdoll released two mini album back in the end of year 2007, but I only discovered them this year.

The first song got me hooked to them is “Cycletime” in their second mini album. Since then, their dance music had been poisoned me for quite a long time. However my top favorite song from Ragdoll is “monochrome eyes”, i like it a lot. Many people thinks that the female vocalist Yuumi’s voice was like the early days of Ayumi’s voice, but I don’t think that way. Check out their Myspace page to listen more of their songs.

Aoyama Thelma

Aoyama Thelma - Jpop newcomers I enjoy listening in 1st quarter 2008

If I say Aoyama Thelma is the hottest newcomer in 1st quarter of 2008, I think everyone will agree to me? Indeed because not only releasing her fist album “DIARY” and chart topping single “Soba ni iru ne”, she also featured in some other artists music as well.

Aoyama Thelma (青山テルマ) is a Japanese R&B artist who debuted in September 2007. She is one quarter Trinidadian. She is famous for her collaboration song with SoulJa: Koko ni Iru yo and her answer song, Soba ni Iru ne (which reached #1 on Oricon charts in its second week, and stayed in top 10 for 12 weeks).


Saori@destiny - Jpop newcomers I enjoy listening in 1st quarter 2008

Saori@Destiny major debuted in March 26, 2008 with single “Sakura”, although she released a single back in December 2007. Saori@destiny is a Japanese technopop artist produced by Oonishi Terukado. She is part of D-topia Entertainment. From her official site, it says that Technopop x Candy Girl House = Saori@Destiny.

I’m absolutely digging sweet candy electro pop style musics like Perfume, COLTEMONIKHA, Capsule type of musics. So, Saori@destiny’s music well fitted into my music taste.

Shimizu Shota

Snimizu Shota - Jpop newcomers I enjoy listening in 1st quarter 2008

Shimizu Shota (清水翔太; Born February 27, 1989) is an ex-SUGER member and current solor singer/songwriter, known for his collaborations with Dohzi-T, and 加藤ミリヤ on the Celine Dion tribute album. He made his solo debut on February 20th 2008 with the single “HOME.”

Despite his young age, he sings really well. He will put full emotion when performing a song which I like it very much. His music leaning towards R&B style and artists that he respect is Danny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye and Ray Charles.

End note
Well, these are the six J-pop new artists that I enjoy listening to their music. Try listen to their music through the music player embeded above. Hope you like the songs too. And do you have any new artists that I missed out?

Credits: Theppn | Wikipedia

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