Links of interest #1

Internet is interesting. Everyday we stumbled upon different websites, articles and stuff that caught our eyes. This “Links of Interest” series is a collection of website bookmarks that I found interesting and useful, and would like to share with you. Websites ranging from web designs, inspiration, resources and many others.

Artzmania Vol.8 Eye Candy

Download the latest Artzmania e-zine issue. My friend’s work was featured in this issue too. Congratulations to him!
Artzmania Vol.8 Eye Candy

We Love WP

Website gallery showcasing the quality website design that powered by WordPress. My blog design was featured in here too! Thanks. šŸ˜€
We Love WP

4U – beauty image bookmarking

4U is social image bookmark service for everyone to share a beautiful woman image all over the world.
4U - beauty image bookmarking


Newspond is the ultimate hub for the latest tech, science, and gaming news. Sleek graphic interface. Design by Chan Karunamuni.


On-line Nation Vs. Nation PC game [SPACE INVADERS WORLD WAR]. Beta version expected to be available on mid April!

Super Mario in 14kB Javascript

Classic Super Mario game now playable using Javascript and it is just need 14kB to do it.

Block Posters

Create any size wall posters from any size images. Totally Free To Use!

The Rasterbator

The Rasterbator creates huge, rasterized images from any picture. Upload an image, print the resulting multi-page pdf file and assemble the pages into extremely cool looking poster up to 20 meters in size.

å¹•ęœ«å¤å†™ēœŸć‚øć‚§ćƒćƒ¬ćƒ¼ć‚æćƒ¼ (old photo generator)

Turn your photo into Japanese ancient photo effect with this generator.
old photo generator

Should Redesign? Cast your vote now!

Launched in April 2008, a Suffolk Software project, Should Redesign aims to help webmaster determine if their websites need a refresh.
Should redesign?

Adobe TV

Adobe TV is your online source for expert insight and inspiration. feed your passion for Adobe products with insider tips, innovative techniques, and behind-the-scenes tours delivered on video, on demand.
Adobe TV

Learn HTML and CSS

People often think it is extremely difficult to make a website. That is not the case! Everyone can learn how to make a website. Use our tutorials on HTML and CSS and start building your own website in about an hour.

Design Resources Search Engine

The custom search engine that brings you to the best design resources on the web.

The Art of The Title Sequence

Sometimes I am more anticipated to one movie’s title sequence than the actual movie. This site collects and showcase the great title sequence of movies and drama series that will make you watch twice.


Amaztype using Amazon web services. Basically you just enter any typographic book related word (for example “typography” above) and it will shows up the results in the form of words you search just now.

Change The Thought

Founded in 2002, the owner Christopher Cox turn the initial portfolio site to a resource for the global creative community. The site has since continued to grow adding editors and content at an accelerated rate.
Change the Thought

Signal Noise | The art of James White

James White works are colorful, complex and geometrical. A very unique style indeed. Like it.
Signal Noise

ISO50 – The Visual Work of Scott Hansen

An inspiring blog and ranges of works by Scott Hansen. Scott’s works has vintage feel.


It is very impressive seeing how this site grows. This blog was created and developed by Fabio Sasso, with a group of writers. This site has inspired me in many ways.


Your daily dose of Inspiration.

Free Flash Files at Flasheezy

Stupid Name. Cool Flash! Your one stop shop to download free flash files and tutorials.

完ē’§ē”»åƒę¤œē“¢ (Perfect Image Search)

Basically this search engine helps you search image from many big image search engines like Yahoo! image search, Flicker etc simultaneously. Perfect.

Art With Baggage in Tow

Takashi Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum. Takashi Murakami is one of my favorite Japanese illustrator. His work is cute and vibrant. Best known for making LV handbags colorful.
Art With Baggage in Tow

Photoshop Disasters

Have you seen a truly awful piece of Photoshop work? Clumsy manipulation, senseless comping, lazy cloning and thoughtless retouching are our bread and butter. And yes, deep down, we love Photoshop.
Photoshop Disasters

Sanna Annukka

Although I did not listen to Keane’s music, but the cover design deeply attracted me when I first saw on newspapers. Then, through several sources like internet and magazines, I knew who is the designer behind the cover.
Sanna Annukka

Grooveshark lite

Listen to music online with this cool, user friendly web service.
Grooveshark lite

Aviary – Creation on the Fly

Aviary is a suite of web-based applications (RIAs) for people who create. From image editing to typography to music to 3D to video, we have a tool for artists of all genres. Just enter your email address if interested in the Early Bird Invitation.

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